4 Audit And Monitoring Tools To Achieve High Ranking In SERP

4 Audit And Monitoring Tools To Achieve High Ranking In SERP

  SERPs, i.e Search engine result pages are web page listings that return search results based on a keyword query entered by a reader. Whenever you search for a keyword on a search engine the result displayed on your screen is called SERP.

SERP results are of two types:-

1.Organic Search

      Organic results are referred to as a  “free” or “natural” result. It denotes the listing of the web pages, that are most relevant to the search query entered by the user. Getting a higher ranking in the organic results over the search engines is the purpose of SEO. According to Hubspot, 35% of organic ads get the results for the keyword searches.

2.Sponsored search 

    Sponsored results are also called as paid search. It denotes to the advertisements that are displayed above the organic results. Many websites run their paid search ads on search engines, where they pay for getting more visibility. Paid ads are always shown on top when you search for any search queries with keywords.  Almost 65% of paid ads get the results for the keyword searches. 

SERP’s, main components are a search query, organic links, and sponsored links, etc which helps in the listing of the webpages. SERP’s contain specific types like images, videos, news and blogs.

Tools used to achieve high ranking in SERPs are

1.Google Webmaster tool

     Webmaster tool i.e Google search console which provides a free web service to correct the page error. Google search console prompts and highlights mistakes such as crawl errors, backlinks, crawl stats and points out the increase in 404 errors. Google webmaster tool changed its name to Google search console on 20th May 2015. 


     This tool can improve the quality score and ranking in SERP  Also it helps in achieving upgrowth of the website. A website score has basically 3 factors Accessibility, Quality, Readability. Accessibility means that search engines and humans visit your site and it will properly load your pages. Quality matters on the website as it provides a good user experience for human visitors. Readability determines how easily can search engines properly interpret the content on your pages, the context surrounding and its relevance to a particular topic.

This tool provides analytics and insights which helps in boosting your search engine rankings of the website. This prompts, monitors, measures and helps in improving the keyword performance.

This tool performed in 4 steps

  1. It identifies the keyword-based volume and difficulty
  2. Improves Site crawls and monitor issues and resolve problems.
  3. Prompts on-page optimization and new content which gives, a suggestion for higher ranking.
  4. It tracks competitors and their ranking and gives reports.

3.SEM Rush

    This is an SEO tool that does keyword research and track keyword strategy. It also runs an SEO audit for a website and looks for better backlinks.

SEM Rush dashboard has both positive and negative changes in organic keywords. It is displays paid ads keywords,  traffic in connection for previous timelines.

 4.Screaming Frog

     This is a website crawler, which allows you to crawl websites’ URLs. It also allows you to fetch key elements to analyze and audit technical and onsite SEO. Screaming Frog is a powerful site crawler, which crawls to both small and very large websites efficiently.

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