4 Essential HTML Tags You Need to Know for SEO in 2019

4 Essential HTML Tags You Need to Know for SEO in 2019

  Some of the tags such as title tag, meta tag, Paragraph tag, Italic tag, Small (text) tag are all the useful tags which are been used in Website. Because of these tags, it helps the search engine crawler to crawl the website. Tags are very important both for SEO and Social media Sharing of website.

  Example of HTML tags are

  • <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6> tags  are text header tags
  • <p> donates paragraph tag
  • <hr>  donates horizontal ruler
  • <a> (anchor) donates a Link tag 
  • <img>  donates image tag
  • <div> tag donates  divider.  


    <head>An HTML, i.e Hypertext markup language is an authority code language used to create documents on the World Wide Web. An HTML code can be defined as every structure on an HTML page, which includes placements of text and images. HTML tags begin with the  (<) character and end with (>). These symbols are also termed as “angle brackets.” The best way to engage an audience is by using HTML tags for SEO of any Website.

What are HTML tags for seo 

    Tags are small snippets of HTML coding that tell search engines to properly “read” content. In fact, for vast improve search engine visibility, tags must be added in HTML. Whenever a search engine’s crawler comes to content, it takes a look at the HTML tags of the website. This information helps search engines to determine about your content.



        <h1>My First Page</h1>

        <p>This is my first page.</p>


        <p>This is the footer – all rights are reserved.</p>



 HTML Tags for SEO

1. Title tag

    A title tag is an HTML element that determines the title of a web page. This title tags are displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs). The HTML <title> tag is used for declaring the title, or name document. The title is usually displayed in the web browser’s title bar. It is also been displayed in web browser bookmarks and search results. Title tag are usually used in between the opening and closing <head> tags. The Title element supports all browsers such as  Chrome, Bing, Yahoo, Firefox, Safari etc.

2. Meta Description Tag 

    The meta description tag in HTML is the 160 character, used for summarize a web page’s content. Search engines mostly use these snippets in search results, so as the users to know what the page is basically about before users click it.

    Example of Meta description tag 

<meta name=”description” content=”Buy high-quality bicycle parts and save money while riding through Pune City.”>

3. Canonical Tag

    A canonical tag specifies the source URL of a website page to a search engine on Google, Yahoo, Bing. A canonical tag is used that helps webmasters prevent duplicate content in SEO. When duplicate content has been added to the website then canonical tag, is used so that the search engine will not penalize to the site. 

4. Robots meta tag

    A robot tag is a very important tag. A robot tag is applied so that it stops the crawlers to stop any page from crawling. To stop crawling of any article then robots tag is used.

Example of Robots meta tag is 

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, nofollow”>

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