5 Top SEO techniques that google rewards


  Search engine optimization is the activity of increasing the ranking of a website on the search engine. Moreover, SEO is a necessary activity to maintain an online presence on search engine. As well as it is also helpful in driving effective traffic on your website. Which results in high conversions. 

Benefits of SEO

1 Drives effective traffic.

  SEO experts get backlinks from other sites. When visitors visit these sites they got the links to drive them to the website. On the other hand, after doing SEO when the website gets the highest rank on search engine That’s why quality traffic gets diverted to the website.

2 No need to spend on ads.

  SEO includes all activities to boost the ranking of the website and all of these activities are organic. So there is no need to pay for paid ads in seo.

3 Boosts brand awareness.

   SEO drives quality traffic on websites. It results in better conversion rates as well as greater awareness about the brand. Due to this trust can be easily built in people’s mind.

4 Results in high conversion rates.

   If the website gets high ranking on search it results in more visitors on the website. Due to this people get aware of your brand. They get more information and trust about the product. It helps in high conversion rates.

5 Top seo techniques that google rewards.

Mobile-Friendly Website

   The population of users who use mobile phones to surfing the internet is increasing. As compared to the mobile users desktop users are less. There are 2.53 billion people use smartphones worldwide and the number keeps on increasing. Many mobile applications as well as messengers emerging in the mobile world. This leads to drawing more attention to people on it. And if you are ignoring this factor then you are losing your visitors. This is the most important factor if you are aiming to achieve rewards from google.

Quality of the Content

   If you are looking for a higher rank website then you have to publish quality content first. Because content is the king in content marketing. It is the only thing because of which more visitor engagement can be achieved. While talking about quality content, content which is relevant to your brand and useful for your users is quality content. When you keep publishing quality content regularly, it boosts your ranking as well as brand awareness. Including video content on webpages adds extra effectiveness to get ranked on a higher position. And if you are not including video content then you are losing the traffic.

Updating new content

  When you aim to boost the ranking of the website, content matters a lot. Visitors visit your site to get new information or knowledge. If the content on the website not get changed from a long time then the user feels bored to read the content. If you want to generate new traffic then you have to publish new and updated content regularly.

Encryption of HTTPS 

   If you have an e-commerce website or business website then you have to look for security first. Because when users visit any kind of e-commerce website then they always look for security. That’s why converting from HTTP to HTTPS website will ensure site safety. By doing this user details will be protected.

Quality Backlinks

   The most important activity while doing seo is generating backlinks. It is necessary to generate backlinks from sites having high page and domain authority. If your site receives backlinks from sites with low traffic and low seo value then Google may penalize your site.

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