6 Ways to Increase Sales With Instagram in 2019

6 Ways to Increase Sales With Instagram in 2019

Instagram is a photo and a  video-sharing social networking site. It is a social media app which allows users to share their personal photos and videos, add captions, edit filters, engage with others, explore new trends and much more. Moreover, Instagram helps mainly to like photos or videos, and follow other users and brands too.

Instagram is a faster-growing social media site, as when it was launched in 2010, overall one million users were registered in just two months, and by 2019 it is almost 1 billion active users. Instagram has  been acquired by Facebook Inc in 2012.

Instagram is not a single-use tool, but it’s useful for business too. The photo and video sharing app offer companies to promote their brand and product. It is a free tool where many companies have business accounts and get free engagement and impressions on the posts.

Ways to Increase Sales on Instagram

1. Write Longer Captions

Instagram users mainly write captions to their posts. Posts with captions have a great impact on the other followers. Mainly the Captions explain in short the definition of the images which have been posted. The maximum character limit for the Instagram caption is a 2,200-words. More captions on posts attract the users to follow the brands.

2.Schedule Your  Stories and Post  

For posting images and videos there are no timing barriers. But if you want more views, likes and comments then 10 am to 3 pm is the best time for posting on weekends. Stories and posts must not be uploaded on Saturdays or Sundays, as mostly it doesn’t get more views in these two days.  

3. Use Hashtags

For branding of posts, hashtags are very important.  When hashtags are been added to the pictures or videos then it gets more likes on the post. Hashtags basically attract other users to follow the brand. Hashtag increases user engagement activity and attracts more social media users. When one tag is been used beyond a certain limit, then it has a chance of getting more engagement. 

4. Reply to your DMs

DMs means Direct Messaging. This means that any other person can directly message you, enabling direct conversation between the two. For branding your product with other brands DM is important. Whenever DMs are written in the bios of any brand then you can direct message them. In this way, Social media helps the branding of the products. 

5. Invest in Instagram ads

Advertising on Instagram can help you reach new and targeted customers. Plan Instagram ads so that it can help you reach the target customers. The campaign must be run on Instagram by brands for better engagement. Paid Ads will have more leads and engagement on the posts.

6.Collaborate with other Brands

As for more and better engagement on posts, then collaboration is the very vital source. Brands promote their services or product by collaborating with other brands.

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