Importance of Hashtags (#) on Social media platform

 Importance of Hashtags (#) on Social media platform

A Hashtag or simply as we know it all as a  “# ”tag which is used on social media, as it is an important component in the world of globalization. There are no scientific thumb rules nor a rocket science about how, why and where we can use hashtags. Hashtags play an essential role in developing an interest in your social media accounts. These hashtags are used mostly on social media platforms like  Twitter and Instagram.

In short, hashtags can be known as “ The main highlighted word to make a mark and difference in this ever engaging world of Social Media ”. Many top brands and companies related to sectors like Photography, Film-making, Fashion, Lifestyle, etc. create their own hashtags by simply using a “#” or hash with the name of the brand to highlight themselves in a much better position than their respective multiple contemporaries. 

          Whenever a Hashtag is used, the word is symbolized in blue on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. When a  word or #hashtag is used beyond a certain number on the social media platforms at regular intervals from a various number of account holders brings that tag in Trending. Hashtag increases user engagement activity and attracts more social media users.

Benefits of Hashtags

1.Increase Viewership

   Hashtags increase viewership, which means due to hashtags many users get interacted. It increases the followers on the various social media platforms. The hashtag helps new users to follow your brands, creativity, etc.


    Hashtags help in the branding of new products, creativity. Creative people thus uses hashtags so due to which, they get more relevant followers. Branding of the product, any single person creativity leads to the branding of it. Branding trends to the get reach to the followers, clients.

3.Show creativity

    Hashtags show creativity. As creativity people make use of these hashtags in order to promote themselves or brand. Creativity gets more engagement on that post, images, etc.

Top Trending Hashtags on social media are 

1. #followforfollow 

     This hashtag is trending mainly on Instagram. #Instagram works mainly to follow and follow back policy. This specific hashtag helps to increase followers on Instagram as there are many genuine new users who are looking to build their social media profiles.

2. #photooftheday 

    This type of hashtag is name and terminology suggest is related to photo content, photographers, photo editors, and designers. Because of Instagram, all have become budding and great photographers. Other hashtags related to #photooftheday are # Wanderlust, # Carpedium, etc. This hashtag helps the new photographer’s to get more attention to their photo content.

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