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Website Design & Development

Is sending a bulk email a part of email marketing?

Your website is the face of your business. Bizizz ensures that maximum people visit your website and stay on the website. (The technical term is “bounce rate”). User Interface of the website is like designing the showroom of a company. If showroom is good, customers feel comfortable to do business. Imagine walking into a shop which is dirty, or too much furniture is stuffed. Imagine that you are not able to talk to anyone, and the sales counter is empty. Would like to do business in such a shop? The user interface of the website will decide how much time users will spend on your website. We at BIz-Izz make it count. With our beautiful web design and our fast web development, you will have a beautiful and communicative website 44.1% of people use laptops and desktops, 51.6% use mobile phones, and 4.2% use tablets, don’t worry, your web application will run on all devices. That is how we build it.

Developing an interactive website

Developing customised website means you have total control on data, tracking your users and flow of business. You decide the important features of products that you want to highlight. Most people (47%) share feedback on the seller’s website. This will directly help you in selling more.

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