Terms and Conditions..

We at Bizizz Market Research (BMR) esteem client experience the most. With an end goal to furnish you with a problem-free encounter, BMR sets out certain terms and conditions. While we have them distributed here, we exclusively hold the rights to transform them as and when the need emerges. We likewise ask you to make it a point to peruse the terms and conditions before submitting the request. Note that the terms and conditions right now accessible on the site will be appropriate. In this way, when you put in a request with BMR or any of our partners, you are consenting to the terms and conditions set somewhere near us here on the site.


At BMR, a client visiting our site or keeping in touch with us through messages is esteemed to speak with us electronically. Further, all correspondences from our end will be made by means of messages or through declarations, notification, disclaimers, or different types of correspondence on our site.


All material and information accessible on our site and in our examination reports, including content, illustrations, pictures, measurements, audio clips, video material, experiences, investigation, and others, are exclusively property of BMR and are ensured by global copyright laws. Content in any structure on BMR's site and research reports are likewise a selective property of the organization and are secured by global copyright laws.

Payment Terms and Delivery Options

We are a market research company and our items are both, basic for all and customized. In both of the two cases, we just procedure the request carefully after installment. By no means does BMR support balance in installment for request. Simultaneously, in the wake of making the installment, it takes least 3-5 days for us to process the request. While BMR doesn't support order cancellations, we do understand the requirement for rolling out the improvement under conditions. Be that as it may, BMR, at no expense, repays the installment. Rather, we give BMR credits adding up to the identical worth which must be utilized within a year.

Website Access and License

After entering a business transaction with BMR, we give restricted access to a connection which we hold rights to deny anytime. Further, the connection doesn't allow depicting BMR or any of its partners in a disdainful way that may criticize the organization, its qualities, the administration or its representatives. Any such activity, whenever discovered, BMR holds the privilege to start legitimate activity against the purchaser. Simultaneously, BMR doesn't allow downloading any structure or substance or instrument from site, or alter it, or make any type of changes. The organization holds the right to start activity on finding such occurrences. The permit doesn't allow re-deal or offer of a section or any part of the site or the examination report. Likewise, the utilization of robots to mine information from the sites for individual or business use is carefully disallowed. BMR likewise doesn't allow the utilization of its logo, copyright, restrictive data, or some other data or information in lieu of the organization on some other stage for individual or business use.

Third-Party Or Outsider site Content

Other than its own content and tools, BMR likewise utilizes content and data from outsider sites. Now and again, you may likewise discover connections to them. BMR, however, doesn't hold duty regarding the quality, structure, or some other perspective identified with the content on the third-party site. We likewise, don't represent any loss or harm acquired to the consumer electronically, truly, financially, or in some other structure, because of the third-party website or content.

Law of the Land

By entering into a business agreement with us, you consent to be responsible and submit to the law and guidelines set somewhere around the Government of India and Government of Maharashtra. Neglecting to keep them may welcome activity as indicated by the tradition that must be adhered to.