Tips to Improve Click Through Rate in Google Adwords

Through Rate in Google Adwords

A metric which measures the number of clicks on an advertisement is called CTR. Click-through rate or CTR  shows the number of impressions been received on ads. CTR is the ratio of users who click on specific links and gets impressions. It is the number of users who view a page, email, or advertisement. 

CTR  ratio shows how often people see your ad and end by clicking it. Clickthrough rate (CTR)  measures the ratio of impressions received for an online advertisement or online campaign. A high CTR means that a high percentage of people who sees your ads and clicks it.

CTR is measured as 

(Total Clicks on Ad) / (Total no of  Impressions) = Click-Through Rate

High CTR has mainly  2 factors 

  • High click-through rates lead to high-Quality Scores.
  • High-Quality Scores allow you to improve or maintain ad position for less cost.

Improve CTR in Google Adwords

1. Use all types of extensions

    For improving CTR, it is very important that extensions must be added. To increase the CTR of ads, important extensions must be installed. Few extension which will be useful are:-

1.Sitelink Ad

2. Call Extension

3.Price Extensions

4.App Extensions

5.Structured Snippet Extensions

2. Unique offers

    To improve the CTR of ads, offers and discounts must be given.For bringing  high numbers of users engagement , unique offers and discounts must be given

3. Use symbols.

    To improve CTR, it is very important that the post on the website must have a symbol. As symbols are used to signify ideas and qualities, by giving them symbolic meanings that are different from their literal sense.

4.First letter cap

    It is very important the ads must always have the first Letter in Cap form. It looks nice when the first letter is in Caps. See at the two ads and which ad will interest you. 

1. Advertisement – Skyline Builders › advertisement

Skyline Builders Real Estate group offers you Luxury Apartments, Villas, Homes and Flats … Skyline Builders™ is the No.1 Builders in Kerala.

2.  Sahil pride in yewalewadi, Pune – price, reviews & floor plan › Pune › yewalewadi

situated in Pune at yewalewadi, Sahil pride is a residential development launched by M/S Sahil Developers. 

5. Look at Competitors

    If you want to reach most of the users or clients, then you must know about your competitor’s strategy. You can improve your ads if you know your competitor’s ads strategy.

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