Why Theme based ad group is important in AdWords

Why Theme based ad group is important in AdWords

  Ad Group is a  single set of advertisement options that run in a specific set of keywords in Google Ads. They are basically used to keep Google Ads account coordinated. An Ad group mostly contains one or more ads which have the same targeted audiences. 

     Ad Groups are used to collect user accounts, computer accounts, and other groups into manageable units. Working with groups instead of individual users helps in developing the organization.

Google Ads are mostly categorized into three layers: 

  1. Account 
  2. Campaigns, and 
  3. Ad groups. 

  account is associated with a unique email address, password, and billing information. Google suggests having at least a 2-3 ad group. This suggestion is based on a number of impressions and engagement been received on that ad group.

 This suggested number of advertisement is  based on a number of impressions and engagement received on your ad group.

Importance of theme-based ad group 

1.Good Quality Score

    Good Quality Score is the metric that Google uses to determine the quality of the advertisement copy and landing page. It’s then used to calculate (CPC) i.e cost per click and ad rank for that particular keyword. The higher relevance and Quality Score, then the better ad rank. A good Quality Score for keywords is between 8 and 10.

2.Specific ad text 

    This text ad is a form of the marketing process which advertisers use to promote their product or service on the Search Engine. This Ad text suggests the specific type of text which have been used for promotion. Promotion of service or product gets 65% of clicks on a specific ad text. 

3.Performance comparison

  Best theme keywords make it is easy to compare performance across product categories. 

4.Easy to expand

      When you have to add new keywords you know exactly which ad group to put them in because you have built the right foundation.

5.Ad group bids

An ad group is a collection of ads that are generated by a shared set of keywords. When a new ad group is created it will prompt to create an initial ad and its keyword list. So due to which we will get default bid (Maximum) CPC. This default bid is a convenient way to manage the bids for all keywords in the ad group.

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